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Interview Skills

What to Do Before, During, and After Your Interview

The ability to answer tough questions, and to stay cool under pressure

1. Research the Organization

1- organization's website

2- Personal connection 

3- LinkedIn profile

2. Prepare and Practice Your Answers

1- Read job advert

2- Read job description 

3- Role-Playing 

3. Calm Your Nerves

1- Reduce Stress 

2- Quiet your mind

3- restore feelings of calm and control

4. Polish Your Image

1- Look professional

2- Dress "one level up"

3- Clean and pressed clothes

4. Don't Forget the Basics

1- Plan your journey

2- Check your route

3- Leave plenty of time

During the Interview

The time you arrive

1. Make a Good First Impression

1- first interaction with the organization

2- treat everyone you meet as though they were your interviewer

(be courteous, polite, and friendly to everyone you meet)

2. Answer the Right Questions

1- Answer the questions that you are asked

2- Listen carefully 

3- Ask for clarification if necessary

3. Ask Questions

1- Think of your interview as a conversation

2- Listen carefully to their answers.

(Will support your decision)

4. Get Your Tone Right

1- The language you use should reflect the fairly formal situation

2- be yourself, but speak clearly, use appropriate terminology, avoid slang

3- match your tone to that of the interviewer

5. Pay Attention to Your Body Language


1- Good eye contact

2- Firm handshake

3- Sitting comfortably but confidently

4- Smile 😊 

After the Interview

You're not finished when you walk out of the interview room!

1. Follow Up

1- Send a thank-you letter or email

2- Make a call

2. If You're Offered the Job


3. If You're Not Offered the Job

Try not to take it personally

4. Get Feedback

Try not to take it personally

How to Prepare for an Interview

No Stress 😎 

More Confidence 

Be ready for the FUTURE

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